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About Us

Blown Away UK.... Power cleaning, paint and surface coat stripping, soda blasting...

We’ve all had things we wanted to clean, restore or repaint, in the past we’ve had to do this with scrapers, blowlamps, sandpapers or toxic chemicals plus lots of elbow grease......

But now there’s an easier and more ecologically friendly way that’ll just blow you away, we bet that , if you thought of blast cleaning at all, you saw it as an almost entirely “industrial solution. Well it isn’t any more, with the latest equipment, and fully mobile too, there are a wide range of domestic, hobby and DIY applications as well.

You’ll be “blown away” by what we can do.

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Some examples of applications;
  • Cars, & Trucks.
  • Trains, Tractors and heavy equipment body, chassis, wheels, engine and mechanical parts, rubber.
  • Boats and ships fibreglass, steel, wood, aluminium, antifoul and mechanical.
  • Aircraft body, fuselage, wings engine and mechanical.
  • Bikes and motorbikes frames, wheels, mechanical.
  • Buildings and architecture beams, floors, doors, walls, roofs.
  • Drives, paths and car parks oil and stains, paints, lines, moss and algae.
  • Restaurant and food processing equipment.
  • Fire damage
  • Swimming pools
  • Statues and monuments.



Video Examples

Choose from our video gallery to see the examples of our techniques in action..




There are some great benefits in choosing our Techniques

  • Won't damage glass or chrome
  • Removes paint and rust from metal
  • Does not cause warping or pitting
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • Can be used on brick and stonework
  • Will remove grease & marine paint